New cord cutter here. Few questions.


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Oct 10, 2017

New to cutting the cord here. Have a few questions I have been trying to find out the answer too. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I plan to buy a NVDIA shield, from what I have seen an read its the best streaming product out in most opinions. IS that a fair assumption?

1.) What addons or apps would you all consider top picks?

Thanks any information would be greatly appreciated.



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Nov 21, 2012
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The Shield is likely the best box out there but it is pricey. Others might be as good with a better price tag. Have a read about the Mi Box. for less then $70 US it is every bit as good as the Shield at $200 US. I have a Shield and wouldn't trade it for anything mind you.

As for addons to consider, you might want to google that part. I am sure you are talking about pirate addons and we do not support those here. Sorry.


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Mar 31, 2014
Whenever I consider a streaming box I narrow the list greatly by only considering those boxes that will run Netflix in HD. That limits you to the fire TV devices and the shield. This will ensure you a product with good support and it should continue to get updates well into the future. And, of course if you want to use other streaming apps it'll work properly.

If all you're planing to do is stream I would recommend the Fire TV box before the shield for price alone. The shield is an awesome device, but it's overkill for streaming and priced accordingly.


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Mar 17, 2017
I’ve had a Nvidia Shield with game controller & remote since it came out & I absolutely love it. I paid $250 back then, which was a deal bc remote came free. Do yourself a favor and just get it. I have 2 original Fire TV boxes, Probox2 air, t8 v4 smart box, & Nvidia Shield for boxes & while I love them all (probably shield, fire tv, Probox2 air, etc in that order) the fire TVs are great & new ones just came out, although I haven’t bought one yet it’s $69.99. I still feel Nvidia Shield is the best & with Black Friday coming up, you can get an amazing deal on one. I saw one a few weeks ago for an amazing $149 on sale & almost bought it just bc! It is entirely worth it, you won’t regret it, go for it! I don’t even use for gaming but could of course. I see people all the time going for cheaper box and not being happy, this is where it’s at.

As for streaming apps, there are tons. Sling TV, Netflix,Hulu, too many to name and apks too. Depends on what you are interested in ☺


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Oct 11, 2017
Wetek core and wetek play2. Better than all android boxes. No I dont make them but I own them. Great boxes and support. They are 100% legit company.
Check them out. Great quality great price. I am very happy witj WETEK
check out their website.

Better than Nividia
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