New Fusion and XMBC Install Hints for your Ipad


New member
Feb 9, 2013
I wanted to be sure those trying to update their Ipad, and possibly Iphones, had a couple of hints to help
that I found necessary.

First, when following the instructions, which I had on my computer while updating my Ipad, there are a
couple of things different for the Ipad.

hubwizard is actually hubwizard 1.0.6

Adding a new resource - you must open that window with a 2 finger press. Then when typing in the new
resource, I had fits, found that touching the space opened the keyboard, the typing was shown on a small
line above it, and to keep it, you must hit enter. Otherwise I kept getting kicked out of that space, I got
the http portion in but couldn't name the Resourse. This is touch and tricky.

Farther down the instructions, it states to select your device. The old version had Ipad, this has ios devices,
chose this one.

I did update both of mine, it was tricky since these instructions were written for base units, not our ios devices.

So I hope this helps, the first one took forever just entering resource, the second one worked fast, maybe 10
minutes total.

Good luck and be sure to list any other hints to help all of us.