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Oct 23, 2015
Up North
Hello, now I have retired I finally had a go at setting this up on my PC and found it worked very well. Have now just got myself an MXQ box, and intend to set it up in my conservatory so I can watch my TV in peace! Not sure how good the WiFi is I have so will be using homeplugs to get the broadband to it. Thanks for all the work you have done to get this to us.

Looking forward to making good use of all this knowledge available here.
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Sep 29, 2012
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Welcome and thanks for joining @ja020. Congrats on retirement, now the real fun begins! Definitely better to go wired if at all possible, especially if you want HD. I don't have an MXQ box but I am sure there are plenty of folks here that do so if you can't find answers answers or info you need in existing posts/threads post in the appr!opriate section and I am sure you will get the assistance you need. Hope to see you around the forum!