newbie with script errors when installing addons...


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Jul 1, 2015
Hey All:

I can't get any info anywhere on my script errors. I have Kodi 14.2 installed on Windows 8 64 bit. I can't install genesis, Ic*f*lms, Mov**4k. Pho*nix installed without issue, that's all I could get. I just get script error when trying to install. I am using the addon installer, clicking on the addon and clicking install. don't see why I'm having so many problems..

Mov**4k does get further than the others, but it untimately fails with a script error as well. Can someone help me troubleshoot this?

add ustvnow to my unsuccessful installs..

edit: I believe it may simply be a network communication issue with the hosting domain. I'm going to try later at a different location and see if it's resolved. I was able to find an older .zip install of genesis and it installed fine. So my problems all seem to relate to using the addon installer, which I think is pulling from the live location, which I am not able to access...

Edit: So i checked installing these addons from another network, and still I can't install them from addon installer. I don't really see anything I could be doing wrong here, yet no one has chimed in to clue me in. Are these addons simply not compatible with 14.2? What version is stable or compatible with all these addons?
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