NHL Gamecenter Live APP


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Oct 2, 2014
I can confirm that the NHL app from the Google Play Store infact doesn work on the FireTV. You can use all the same functions and options as if you were using the app on a phone or tablet.

Your best bet would be to use a keyboard/mouse combo. The Logitech K400 is what I have been using and it works flawlessly. If you are having any issues with the resolution or distorting of the applications screen, fiddle around with your FireTV's display settings to straighten everything out.

I have tested on a 22' & 40' TV/Montiors, as well as on a projector with 100' screen.

Hope this helps anyone out that is wanting to get the NHL Gamecenter Live working on their FireTV since Amazon tends to not give a shit about adding this to their list of apps :mad:
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