Bug No Choice to select 2nd Screen in Aeon Nox Skin


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Jul 22, 2014
Vancouver, Canada
I'm not sure if this is a 'bug' or was I simply unable to find the control where to select the 2nd screen choice. Yesterday, I installed the latest Kodi Helix 14.0 on a MacBook Pro (2013) that has the Mountain Lion OS. I wanted to connect it to a flat panel TV via an HDMI cable, but was unable to do so.

Prior to making this work, I went to display preferences on the MBP and set the settings so that both screens were recognized by the computer.

Normally, this type of configuration - at least with the Confluence skin offers the choice in the Kodi System Settings menu, but does not appear to be anywhere in the Neon Nox skin. I've either missed finding this function or the writer of the skin neglected to include this choice (not sure which).

But to further complicate this, I could not disable or uninstall the skin settings tab and revert back to the Confluence skin. Both skins showed as enabled, yet the Neon Nox skin held first place as active. The choice to uninstall or disable were both greyed out.

Eventually I was able to uninstall the skin with the Uninstall app in Config Wizard and was then able to configure Kodi to show up as active on the TV which was the 2nd screen selected.

So, either this is a bug, I missed finding the 2nd screen setting, or if the setting is missing then this is a request to add it to the Aeon Nox skin.

I would have preferred to install the Aeon MQ5 skin but it did not come up as available for Helix 14.0. The Aeon MQ5 extras pack is available, but not the skin. I have it installed on Gotham and they work very well - both Both Gotham and Aeon MQ5.

Perhaps this skin (Aeon Nox) works well when you only have one screen, but in my case of utilizing 2 screens, I could not figure out how to make it work.
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