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Nov 11, 2019
Hello. I'm a retire guy trying to keep up with technology. I have been using Kodi for some time now and it seems to be getting harder and harder to find a good stream. I noticed that Kodi has recommended the use of a VPN, to improve stream availability. I have now installed said VPN and confirmed working but with no improvement in stream availability. HELP please Thank you in advance.
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Oct 4, 2019
it would help if you tell us what platform and equipment you're using as well as what version of kodi and vpn you have.
however you can start by installing legal addons from kodi's own repo to at least check if you're equipment is ok.
I use all the following addons from the kodi repo and they all work brilliantly:
Catch-up TV & More, Crackle, iPlayer WWW, Popcornflix and FilmRise - YouTube

if you want to use unofficial Kodi addons then you have to be pro active as they are being constantly chased by the authorities.
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