no tvguide see favorites or addon in addons.ini


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Oct 9, 2016
When use leia 18.2 no matter what tvguide I use whether the original tvguide from twinther or the ftvguide or the new full ftvguide or any other guides based on twinther tvguide when open to pick the channels from the tabs whether strm,favorites or addon.ini will not see any channels under them all are blank. But if move back to 17.6 and lower the guides work fine and see them. Want to use leia 18.2 cause seems lots of the newer addons won't work in the older versions of kodi. So anybody good at python know what I need to change in the guides or kodi to fix that problem.
Thanks ahead of time to whoever can help with my problem or even have hints of what I might try to fix the problem.
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