Not sure where to post this. I humbly need help for the first time.


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Aug 13, 2014
I'm not new to This site. I can usually figure things out by reading threads.

Not even sure what to ask. Or if this is where it should be posted. Thanks in advance
Here's the scenario.

I have 4 firesticks.
2 old (Original versions)
2 new (updated versions)

Both of the old firesticks working fine with
Kodi 16.1
(both automatically updated to Indigo) - working
Typically use SA*TS and Ex**us - working

The 2 new firesticks
1 new with kodi 17 krypton
Indigo installed (won't initialize and run)
I've tried several times to re install
Switched to spmc
Indigo - working

1 new with kodi 16.1 Jarvis
Indigo installed- working

My problem is with the 2 new firesticks
On SA*TS and Ex**us and Pri**wire
TRAKT enabled

when opening a tv show or movie on any addon (new, old, popular, ones I watch all the time)
It times out around 50% with searching for sources/providers every time.
No matter how many times I try to update, re install, increased and decreased Scraper timeout, auto configure
Sometimes I can open and close for about 20 minutes and get a show to work as they providers are slowly added to the system.
These are common shows we watch all time on the other firesticks with no problems.

I have no problems with the older firesticks, even with the updates.

Any advice would be appreciated.
If there is a log that needs to be posted, Im not sure what to do. Its not app specific though