Request Notice on Addon Wizard that TVaddons is not to be sold


New member
Jun 14, 2016
I sell legal tv boxes with plain kodi without installing anything on them, I basically follow your rules found here on Step 3:

I give them resources of things they can do with them but there are idiots that go to people that install the addons on my boxes and charge them an arm and a leg. Then when the addons don't work, the people that installed the addons blame the box, so they come back to me. I also get people that go to box sellers after they buy my box and they tell them that my box is shit and they say their $200 cheap chinese (really $30) box is better then the Nvidia Shield because it is programmed.

Something like a weekly popup that explains things to user would be much appreciated and don't be nice to the scammers, big bold letters would be great. Other then that I have no problem with your services.