Oneswarm plugin


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May 16, 2012
Has anyone considered or would be able to create a Oneswarm plugin for XBMC. Maybe similar to the torrent addons already available?

Features of OneSwarm beyond the privacy aspects of the product: file search, sharing permissions, web UI with streaming, real-time transcoding, and remote access.

The software consists of a server app allowing it to run on Linux, the Mac, and Windows. All interactions with the OneSwarm system beyond that, however, take place in a browser—the app's authors say all the major players other than IE are capable of handling the system. The software is back-compatible with BitTorrent, meaning it functions fine as a generic P2P client.

The social network aspects allow fine grained control over the sharing of files. Users can pick any combination of friends, groups of friends, etc. to share a specific file with, or can offer it up to the entire OneSwarm network. Because it's running in a browser, the browser's plugins allow content like music and video to stream while partially downloaded.

The anonymity of Oneswarm is significantly different than encrypted BitTorrent, which attempts to obscure the protocol and the contents of the packets. Each point-to-point connection in OneSwarm uses SSL encryption, though, so the equivalent behavior is built in to the system.

OneSwarm uses source address rewriting to protect user privacy. Instead of always transmitting data directly from sender to receiver (immediately identifying both), OneSwarm may forward data through multiple intermedaries, obscuring the identity of both sender and receiver.