ooohhh ggooddd how can u change the url on an ipad within xbmc when the kb wont work.


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Dec 9, 2013
most people would have come to the conclusion that I have hardly any hair left, I am desperately trying to change the url of ice-films...

I tried changing from confluence to touched, that was no good, as I still cannot scroll over to the right far enough, so I tried a bluetooth keyboard, although it works on an atv2 it will not have it on ipad even though they are connected.

so i tried xbmc rc from iphone, i managed to get to where the url is, then a white bar appeared with the url and i still cannot change it...

please can someone give guidance...

I have everything turned on for rc within settings also can be controlled via upnp.... just how can i type in a new url?

appreciate any help chaps...


I was on the verge of just given up, the white bar with the url would not go away, whatever i done, so using the iphone with xbmcRemote on it, (not Constellation), I went back to iciclefilms addon and got up the configuration, used the remote to move over to the right, went onto url, and..... I just sat there, trying to figure out how to do it, ... then I picked up the logitech BT keypad, (its the one that is silver and acts like a cover for an ipad,) and i just pressed the number 4, and 4 appeared in the line, so i tried del and it worked, I put in the new url, and pressed return, it took the information but the white bar stayed on screen, (couldn't seem to be able to get rid of that.
so I then shut down xbmc. rerun it and the url is now okay.
A lot of waffle, but it might come in handy if someone else hits the same problem.
thanks for reading chaps... (and probably sending you all to sleep) lol

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