Openelec or xbmc on old laptop


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Jun 10, 2014
When I say old I mean old in tech years. It was a $1200 pc in 2006 with 512mb ram and 1.74 duo core.
I've upgraded to 1 gb ram and I did manage with the help of a tva senior member to install xbmc Frodo on Linux crunchbang.
Currently it has ubuntu server installed but I don't use it now since I bought a new router.
So 4 different openelec installs failed. Thepc won't boot with usb but I used plop to fix that. Then I tried xbmcbuntu. It installs but won't run.
sorry for the lack of details. Of course if anyone wants to assist I'll provide more. I'm open to all advice including different options besides xbmcbuntu or openelec.
This isn't an asap type thing. If you read this 2 months from now n u have an idea let me know. I'm toying with the idea of using a tv as a monitor and putting it in the kitchen if it works well enough. Thanks


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Nov 29, 2012
I have Openelec running on old laptop 1 gig ram with 1.45 ghz processer.... and it works great, really fast to navigate around. and also has most updated Kodi on it also. I would recommend it for any slow machines any day....