ouya vs amazon fire tv. speed /stability who has both of them??


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Jan 13, 2013
There are better machines out there, with volume controls on the remote, sure more money but there is better. If people are serious about how much time they spend on watching TV then why not look into something more user friendly and more importantly, a better quality picture, its YOUR eyes after all.
Because the thread was about the ouya and fire tv

You can spend as much as you want and get something even better,but not what the thread is about

I also dont belive pressing a button that says "install apk" is neccessarily over complicated...even for the "common person" as you put it ;)

You seem to have had a bad experience,but it doesnt mean that the device is no good,or complicated,or is a scam,or doesnt work,or takes your time and effort or is only good for amazon services

People reading these posts probably would want an unbiased opinion,not just when you dont like something it must be poop lol

Yes its an amazon box,but it does work fine with xbmc also and there are a lot of people out there that seem happy with the device and using it for this purpose:)
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Oct 5, 2012
I agree with mj71, it was extremely easy for me to install spmc on my fire tv using adbfire. Took maybe 15 mins. I have had an ouya for a couple of years and had an apple tv 1 in my bedroom. The fire tv replaced my apple tv 1 and works great. It seems faster than both my other boxes. I still have my ouya in my living room, so it gets most of the use and I love it. Both are great boxes in my mind.


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Mar 27, 2014
I have owned and set up for others many boxes. IMO, in the $100 price range, other boxes<MX2 <Ouya <FTV. I have 2 ouyas that are now in the kids rooms and FTV's replaced them in the tv room and my room.

FTV has a faster processor. Its going to be faster, but the Ouya does a great job of squeezing every bit of processing speed to the application vs system drain so it is not going to be that much slower.

Here are the biggest differences, wifi, controller and UI. The amazon is tops when it comes to UI and Controllers. Even if you dont like amazon menu, you have to admit it is the smoothest UI out there.

Next is controllers. Since the day I got them the ouya controllers have issues binding and staying that way. The kids rooms are close together and I have always had issues with the controllers binding to the wrong ouya. On the FTV, I have never had an issue. Ones the controller and box are mated, it stays that way. Plus, if any one says the ouya controller works better than the amazon and its not clunky, they are lying. Someone will say that "X-aftermarket" controller is the best, and it may be so, but you shouldnt have to spend more money for a great controller, IMO it should come with one.

IMO, here is what it boils down to. If you like a open platform and want to tinker and play games and movies that you already own on your home server, you will probably like the Ouya better. If you dont mind being in the amazon ecosystem, and all you really want to do is watch kodi, netflix and tv with it, the FTV is going to beat out the ouya. The FTV is easy to sideload with adb if you can follow directions and already have an android phone or tablet.


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Jun 10, 2014
I'm kind if hearing a lot of biases here. It's sort of unfair to people reading this who have never used either.
I just bought a ouya for my son and have been setting it up (having fun) for Christmas.
I love it, but if I had to swear which one was better my answer is fire tv...under one condition--it must be rooted to be the clear cut winner.
I understand why some companies lock down their equipment but I also think it's a crime to eat up so much storage on a device with so little internal disk space. Root fixes this.
Aftv is faster, and problems I've reported have been pin pointed to my network and the tv I was using. I can stream genesis links and live tv over WiFi.
Objectively, in my opinion, aftv is better. I swear I own no stock in Amazon and if ouya produced a box with better specs and maybe a real remote I'd be picking the ouya.
On another note, if being able to have more control, more choices and maybe ensure a better future for kodi is important to you, I think it's crucial we support companies like ouya. So in a way I'm very happy people dislike aftv because I think they dislike the same things about it that I do but it's coming across as something else. I'm no expert but aftv is a great product at a good price.
My son wanted a ouya and I think $100 is very fair but if I needed another unit and it was all about getting the best box for the best price I'd be buying another aftv. (Again it's gotta be rootable--that's a deal breaker for me) I think that's maybe where the info needs to be pushed. People hear all these cool things not knowing we wouldn't be able to do them without root.


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Jan 13, 2014
The big differences are the AF TV has a newer processor and has double the amount of RAM that is in the OU Y a.

Simply put each is good and bad at different things I have an AF TV several of them actually and one is rooted and the only reason that I did that is simply so that I could take a flash drive and load it with movies and TV shows when I go visit relatives who don't have Internet and then I don't have to worry about finding something to watch when I'm there I'll have what I want otherwise I never use rooted for anything if I want to move my user data off of the drive just put it on a network drive there's quite a few tutorials on doing that.

For me the dealbreaker is with the blue yeah I have a problem that the Netflix app in a lot of the others don't work correctly with it there's no official app and it's basically the same Netflix app that runs on any android tablet or phone and so therefore it never gets full HD it doesn't seem to understand what you're running it on so it never goes full HD and you won't get the surroundsound.

The fire TV also has a ton of apps for it there's a lot of games including SEV – zero that is their exclusive game and it's pretty cool and if you're mainly wanting to game and just run XP MC sometimes and you're not going to be doing any Netflix or any other apps or anything like that then the OU Y a might be a good choice.
But I use Netflix all the time and I use a lot of the apps that are available on the fire TV such as the Smithsonian channel and a number of the other so that is a big thing that I can't seem to find those shows in XP MC anywhere and I just like the remote it's very easy to use and now they have a remote app for my iPhone which is really cool to.

And last thing I'll say is if you are looking for live streaming TV in your record cutter definitely check out the article about dish network in their new sling up for the fire TV in the fire to be stick for $20 a month they are going to offer a number of channels including ESPN HGTV CNN and travel Channel and a bunch of others that through their sling app you will be able to view and most of the channels are supposed to be able to be DVRd and then even some of the channels will have three day play back so that you can go see a show in the past three days and play it is though it's live so it I would definitely go check out that and see if one of those channels are both to the channels are ones that you definitely want because I have not seen HGTV anywhere in any live streaming legal or otherwise for X BMC and I know there's a lot of people out there that love that channel.

In the end it's what you want to do but if you're on the fence I would go buy a Fire TV Best Buy Amazon wherever tried out for a couple of weeks and to see if you like it or not.
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