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Aug 9, 2012
The Pac12 network is set to go live on August 15th. Realizing the addon cannot be coded until the streams are available, I put some additional information as to who is building the streaming portion of the TV network and other info that might help. I believe that the Pac12 network has deals with the big four cable companies, Comcast, TWC, Verizion, and Bright House so far and the are negotiating for Dish, DirecTV and many others. We'll see how that goes. Here is what I found...

Pac12 Network -

Here is info regarding Ooyala, the company contracted to build out the streaming portion of the network...

More from -

"LET’S SAY YOUR carrier is, or will be soon, on board with the Pac-12 Network. But you’re away from home, and you want to stream the Cougs’ game. You enter your authentication code your carrier's TV Everywhere platform on your laptop, and there’s the Coug game. Great! But how high of quality is that stream going to be?

A lot depends on your configuration – a great iPad or laptop, but on a slow connection, isn’t going to stream crisp and clean. But as far as what will be provided by the Pac-12 Networks?

The bit rate stream is adaptive, meaning the quality adjusts automatically based on sensing the speed of the user's internet connection. The Pac-12 Networks Flash adaptive bit rate streams that will be provided: 400k, 800k, 1400k, 2000k, 3000k. For the iPad, the Pac-12 will provide iOS adaptive bit rate streams at: 300kbps, 700kbps and 1300kbps.

The frame rate will typically be 30fps. Users shouldn’t expect an HD quality stream but the Pac-12 Networks tell CF.C the maximum resolution will typically be 1280 x 720, but can in some cases vary depending on the original source of the video before they encode it for Web & Mobile.

“The good news is technology has advanced to such that video transmitted over the internet, (and this [scope] has never been done before,) but with TV Everywhere, you get all the programming. There may be some issues in the beginning but on balance we are, at launch, in both the iPad and PC, and then 15-30 days out we’ll add more (devices). And probably 90 days after that the iPhone and Android,” said Stevenson.

Another question Pac-12 fans are asking these days -- Do I get all seven Pac-12 Network channels, or just my regional, or just the national, or what?

“It all depends on what their carriers offers them,” said Stevenson. “They might offer all 6 networks and the national in one tier that the iPhone and Android,” said Stevenson.""