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May 30, 2013
The Netherlands
No; I didn't mistype this one!

Some time ago I shouted out to the team, wanting to contribute to in some way.
I was given the opportunity back then, resulting in me getting the honor of dressing up a number of addons with graphics from my own hand!

I can not explain the rush you get when your first project gets "released", the idea of my graphics being seen by all those users, such an honor!

Now after some time, some people on our graphics designers team found other ways to contribute, or simply have no more time in their busy real-life schedule.

That is why I'd like to call out to all graphics-monkeys;

If you feel there is a way you could contribute; please shout out to us!
(Don't be shy, I hadn't touched Photoshop in 8 years, but old habits tend to stick right?)

For now I have the honors of being the spokes-person of the Graphic Designers team; I have most available resources and would like to share all possible tips and tricks with who ever would like to - like me - paint it forward.
(And I would also be grateful to receive tips and tricks, as I am still a n00b myself).

Also I would like to shout out to the developers yet again; be aware that there are people who are willing to put in some time to supply matching graphics for your addon-greatness!
Requests can be posted in this thread and usually get picked up within a day.​
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Jan 3, 2013
Tír na nÓg
well young katy is now 4 weeks old, so mummy and myself are getting into the swing of things,
i wouldnt say either of us is a black belt in nappy changes yet but we are getting there :)
so i would reckon that i may well be able to dabble in PS once again.
probably not a major project, but still... i'm here if needed :)

as Marquerite said, there is a nice chuffed feeling that comes with having your artwork taken on by a dev and seen by countless people.
so put yourselves out there guys and girls and show us what you can do.

the pay sucks but the kudos makes up for that.
giving back to the community is always going to be a good thing.


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Oct 1, 2013
Thank you Marquerite for putting this together, I will be checking out the artwork request thread and contributing whenever possible.