Request Patreon, Channel Awesome, SFDebris plugin request


New member
Nov 20, 2017
So I have been watching Channel Awesome videos for awhile - Nostalgia Critic, Nostalgia Chick (and now Lindsay Ellis's channel), Todd in the Shadows, Rap Critic, Linkara, Chris Stuckmann, and of course SF Debris. I even support many of the creators on their Patreon page. It would be nice if there was an add-on that was for all videos on Channel Awesome and also one for videos on Patreon (would require login to your Patreon account) and even a separate one just for sfdebris. Note, most videos are public Youtube videos, but some are private/embedded youtube, a few are Vimeo, and a few (most importantly SFDebris) are on A new plugin would have to scrub either, (personalized feed after login), or and pull all the embedded videos on each page/post. I know there are plugins that scrape other sites that embed/link to youtube, vimeo, and, so you would just need someone who can do the scripting to scrape sites.

Anyone want to take the challenge? You can just attempt one of the three sites mentioned or all and you'd be a hero. I would pay $10 for such a plugin if that is any incentive, besides the fact that many people would use and enjoy. Patreon would probably be the hardest to code as it requires login and has multiple video and audio sources embedded in posts, but I could give the developer my login if that would help.