Playing flash videos from an android tablet to XBMC (Chromecast like functionality)


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Jan 4, 2014
Hi Guys,
I am not very well versed with the URL resolving (Read a little about it now). Anyway, I want to know if a certain addon I have in mind is doable or not.

  1. I just browse on my android tablet (in chrome)
  2. Find a page with a flash video embedded in it
  3. I decide to play it in my TV which is hooked up to my XBMC
  4. I have an option somewhere to just send this url of the page and get the video to play in XBMC

This is similar to the chrome cast functionality - but chromecast does not exist for tablets yet as far as I know. Is the above possible at all?

Note: I can do this with all the newer HTML5 versioned mobile sites which have MPEG Video (I think) using the Yatse remote and plugin. But can't do it for sites that have embedded flash content.


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May 5, 2012
I'm pretty sure that this is the wrong section... but I'm not sure which forum section it would go.

However, I would like to see this feature available... would be very useful for when browsing on android tablet....