Please help me with Titan


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Jul 7, 2016
Hey guys I'm trying to modify the titan skin. I have been asking for help at the official kodi forum but coming up empty thought I would try my luck here. What I want to do is change the way the widgets behave. I use the Netflix 2 view. There are 2 horizontal widgets on the homepage that you can navigate to choose your media. The problem is that the focus does not stay fixed to the first tile in the first row as Netflix does. There is a setting in Titan to keep the focus fixed to the first tile however there is no setting to keep it fixed to the top row. What I'm wanting is to have the focus to remain fixed at all times to the far left tile on the top row and have the items wrap around just like Netflix. I have tried a similar skin called Kodiflix by Schism it looks and behaves very similar to what I'm wanting but it doesn't have the option to use the Artwork Downloader and there is no option to use the TV thumbs from Fanart TV like Titan does. So is it possible to borrow code from the Kodiflix skin and use it in the Titan skin? I'm pretty sure the Kodiflix skin is a modified fork of Titan. I'm pretty sure the location of the code is in the IncludesHomeWidget.xml. To be honest I'm not a skinner and not a coder either I have been able to fumble my way through the code and change some values and what not but after looking at hundred of line of code I'm a bit overwhelmed I really don't know what I'm looking for I know the code I need is in the kodiflix skin code because the widgets do exactly what I want the widgets to do in Titan. If anyone has a lil spare time to look at it or can point me in the right direction to making the modifications I would appreciate it.


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Nov 21, 2012
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I was trying a similar customization just last night. I gave up on Titan. I will be monitoring this post in case you get a good answer to your question.
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