Please Help - N*viX and Spor**dev*l not working any more


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Aug 26, 2012
I am fairly new to this and need help. I have a jailbroken ATV2 Last night and all day today I have been trying to use N*viX to view movies and Spor**dev*l to watch some games. It was working fine for about two weeks but starting last night when I go into Na*i-X Networks, Movies, and try FastpassTV or Noobroom or any of the others i get a message "Cannot open file" Also in Spor**dev*l under Live Sports,, Baseball all of the games show up, but nothing is working there either "No stream available" for anything and everything. I really care about the N*viX the most because I use it more often. Are they doing some kind of maitenence or work on them. Have I done something to mess it up - All was working fine, I have not messed around in any kind of settings or anything. I even restored my ATV2 today and reinstalled everything but no avail, same problems. My father in NC is having the same problems. Please help.


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Feb 29, 2012
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This happens every now and again with in N*viX. It is usually a sign of work being done and if you come back later it is usually back up and running. That said, there are addons for each and every item you mentioned that can be found here on the HUB and installed via our Fusion Installer. Including: Spor**dev*l... NoobRoom... ProjectFreeTV... Ic*f*lms... 1Ch**nel... and so on. I use these when ever needed!
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