Request *PLEASE HELP Not getting Movie search results from ALL addons


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Apr 21, 2018
I may have posted this in the wrong section, so I am posting it here also. I apologize, I am new here.

Hello everyone, I am brand new here. I am hoping and praying that someone here is kind enough to help me finally with this extremely odd issue.

Whenever I try to use ANY of my movie addons in Kodi 17.6 and do any normal search for whether it be, most popular, people watching, in theaters, etc. I either do not receive any results or mostly I only receive 3 or 4 results to choose from. I apologize, I am not sure which box I have since the seller self branded it and hid all product info. I am able to tell you it Android based and has Kodi 17.6. Also note that I do have a real-debrid active account and has been authorized in the URL resolver.

It was working just fine and then all of the sudden this happened. Although I do know my son was playing around with it while I was sleeping and all he told me he remembered is that he went into the area of "manage dependencies" and updated a bunch of them. Whatever that means! Lol. I am also fairly new with Kodi, but I do know how to do all of the basic tech stuff, like program addons, tweak things here and there, but that is it.

Please advise if you have any idea what would cause ALL of my movie addons (Examples: *********, ******* Reborn, ******** etc.) would only show a result of 3 or 4 or even if I do a specific search for a movie, it just comes up blank! Even on movies that are very well known and would definitely show up in results. It obviously is not a setting within an actual addon since it is happening with all of them.

I have already checked the URL resolver and it is turned on, I also made sure I have the latest universal scraper installed. This one just baffles me and I have no idea at all what to do and it is driving me crazy because I am a MOVIE LOVER.

p.s. Another important note is that when I search for TV shows in those same addons, they all work normally. It only happens with the "MOVIES" option.

I can't thank you enough for ANY help you are able to offer me. I really NEED this fixed ASAP.

Thank you and have a great day!!!

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