Please some help from a more expert 😀


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May 23, 2014
Hi everyone! I am trying for a new addon and on first testings everything was ok. I could get the movie, and then i could get the links! Mainly openload link is what i am interrested!
But 2-3 days ago, site changed and instead of the openload url, it is using another url which after i open i find the openload url.
My question is....... if i run my addon now, i dont get the openload url to be resolved but i get the new url which includes the openload url. How in python can i entet that url first and then search for the openload link?
Thanks in advance!


Jul 13, 2015
download the mid-page via urllib2 or any other method.

there my be same decoding process needed here, some hide their links in some forms, but they are always decodable. Once you get the plain html text string use regex(faster) or beautifulsoup (slower), to search for the new video url.