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Feb 10, 2015
I have posted this question on Natko's thread earlier. However I'm now thinking it belongs here. If anyone can clarify, I'll delete the appropriate one. (confused smiley thing):

Hi, Could you tell me if there is different configuration for plexus using an amazon fire tv box as opposed to a fire tv stick. I've just bought the box and cannot get plexus running on any of the Cas**way streams ( superb addon by the way:) ) I had no problem at all on my fire tv stick. I've done a factory reset on the stick and re loaded plexus again, it worked perfectly. The box just won't have it.

I get the plexus box, the starting acestream engine. initial wait just times out. (on the stick it usually starts within 5 seconds.) After it times out, i get a "torrent not available or invalid"

link to log :

not sure if this helps but this is the for the firestick. which as you can see works fine.





Searching the forum it appears that version 2 of the fire tv box will not run plexus as is. So thank you to 'nemsis72' for this reply in another thread.

You can download then sideload install the acestream engine apk. Just the engine player not needed. Get it here:

Once installed launch it, then let it unpack, once unpacked it will auto start. Once it say start succeed, back out. Launch Kodi and play any acestream link u want, you still must have plexus addon installed.

It seems on the box at least the engine will keep running until you unplug the box. But you will need to restart the engine after a shutdown.

Again many thanks that man!
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