Poets and Heaven


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Aug 20, 2014
It just so happens two poets die on the same day. Both spirits are headed to heaven.

At the Pearly Gates an angel tells them, "We are only allowed to have one poet enter each day, so to help make the choice which of you gets in today, I want each of you to write a poem.....the only thing you must do is use the word Timbuktu in your poem, you have 5 minutes.....go.

5 minutes pass....

Angel....."Please stop, may I see your Poems...."

From the first poet....

"I went for a walk just to see the view,
walked over the knoll and saw Timbuktu."

Angel....."Not bad for such short notice, Poet number two, may I see your poem?"

From poet number two....

Met my friend Tim
and away we went.
Met three women who lived in a tent,
They were three and we were but two,
So I bucked one and Tim-Bucked-two.
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