Question VPN


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Jan 17, 2017
I've had ongoing problems installing the vpn that comes with I have Kodi 18.4 on an nVidia Shield and use a current known addon for streaming movies and TV programs. Most of the time, all goes well but in the past four weeks or so I've had "No stream available" messages or the directory list won't load or the torrent links don't work (endless waits for the data to load).

PM's vpn instructions on their Web site shows "Android" followed by "Google Android" and "(Smartphones/Tablets)" so I'm wondering if my Shield may be incompatible with the Open VPN set up that PM uses. I've tried side loading the program that PM offers using a file manager and a USB but that doesn't work either (that is, it doesn't work for me). I'm at the point of buying into another vpn that installs directly from the Google Play store to avoid further frustration.

Anyone had similar experience with's vpn? If so, do you have any advice that might help me? TIA!!