Bug Problem getting Metadata


New member
Nov 16, 2015
OK, I seem to have a problem with getting my movies to show a description and other details with TVMC. I have an external hard drive with movies on it. Each movie is in a folder with the same title of the movie , as well there are already backdrops, and an .XML file previously created with MediaCenterMaster as I normally play them with win7 media center

So I have the hard drive hooked up to my android box, I open TVMC, go into videos, click add files and then point to the area of my drive where the movies are. I select movies at the top, then select TVDB as the scraper and select movie in it's own folder and scan recursively and that's about it. I go back and update library and it scans all the movies. But all I get is covers, which I already had to begin with. Nothing else!! What am I doing wrong, or is there a way I can just have it pull all the information from the .XML files that are already in the folders ??