Request Problem with Indigo instalation


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Mar 4, 2017
I have a jetstreambox and a jetstreambox 4. They were both running great after many setups over the last several months. I made a couple of minor changes to the jsb 4 and when I hit the Kodi icon the screen went black. After not finding any good answers to that one I said OK here we go again! Went back to factory reset then upgraded to 16.1 Jarvis. Everything working fine. Then I downloaded fusion but now that brings up Indigo instead of what used to come up maybe just a month ago or so. As soon as Indigo is installed my Kodi icon stops working ans states that "App is not installed". If I reboot it looks fine, Ver 16.1 Jarvis and then I get to the home screen and the Kodi icon no longer works. Tried several times but if i use the "Begin here" tab I loose Kodi start up? Anybody experiencing this or know what's going wrong. Thanks for any suggestions. Just wish I could access the previous link after entering!
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