Problems with Indigo, Git Browser, and tva log uploader


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Jun 20, 2018
Sooo indigo updated, changes are acting weird on xbox and tbh i have no clue how to roll back (guess ill look through the repos in hopes its there). Git browser just doesnt work at all, indigo is touch an go (mainly config wizard (skips something) and rejuvenate(doesnt work at all), no coin scan works great. And tva log uploader gives me a url error, so i downloaded kodi log emailer. Should all be in my log which i do have a copy of just hate copy pasta and it wont let me post a link.... (Stuck on mobile atm)
OS:XBOX (WINDOWS 10) (dub right? Bug reporting habits die hard!)
Indigo 4.0.5
Git browser 1.1.4
Tva log uploader 1.0.7
Kodi - leia 18.0
So how do i get that log here without copy pasta first.

Any way to get krypton or jarvis on xbox one?
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