Real Debrid Links Missing


New member
Apr 17, 2016
Hi all,

I'm a pretty new Kodi user and still learning the ropes. I signed up for a Real Debrid account. Got it all set up and it was working perfectly. I set Priority to 90, did all the verification steps and had links in all my addons including setting it up properly for Ex**us as well.

Now, the only addon that I see Real Debrid links in is Ex**us. ALL other addons I have aren't showing any Real Debrid links. Not only are they not in green (I checked that setting) I don't see any links at all marked RD, Debrid, etc. Not in SA*TS, 1Ch**nel, Velo**ty, nothing but Ex**us which was a separate setup process.

It seems like it's any addon that uses URL Resolver. I've tried to reset my authorization and reauthorize it only I can't because when I go into the addon after resetting there are no RD links for me to complete the process.

I know my account with RD is valid because I have Ex**us RD links but none of the URL resolver dependent addons have RD links.