Recording antenna tv through kodi


Jun 2, 2013
Central Florida USA
Nextpvr works great on a windows 8 computer with a Hauppauge usb recording stick.
I've been wanting to try this for years now. I knew there was a way to watch tv through kodi.

As most of you know windows media center doesn't work that we'll any more. They use a different company for the guide info. My zip code and all the ones around me don't work any more, been this way for months. I went with the Hauppauge wintv program which does work but it's an older program and they give you to use- titan tv guide an independent company with it as your online guide.

Now it's all integrated into kodi.

Took just a little while, first I could record only but couldn't watch live tv, then after awhile I messed with some settings on nextpvr program and finally I got live tv also.

Anyway it's a nice change from windows media center which isn't even available on windows 10 now. I got the idea from a dude on this forum who suggested it.

Thanks! This is a whole new way to utilize kodi.