[RELEASE] Rockin Addon, Rock Music Videos


Jan 11, 2015
Rockin addon is a list of rock videos from youtube, I thought I would share it with members who enjoy music videos, the list is far from being complete and is a work in progress. I am by no means a coder of any sort, so don't ask for features to be added..If a coder wants to help me add some features I would truly appreciate it, I myself would like to have a shuffle all feature but I don't no how to do that. Ya you could just use the youtube addon but maybe this will save you a few clicks and maybe there is a band or a song you forgot about and really like lol. If I didn't go about sharing this the proper way I do apologize in advance.

Install Instructions below, tested on Jarvis 16.1 widows and Rpi2 and Android and seems good on my end

Just install it from zip and your good to go, since the links are hosted on pastebin any time I update the menu you will get your playlist updated, so no sense in having a repo for it..


Download the zip here: