Release Romanian subtitles services


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Oct 26, 2016
Bucharest, Romania
For some time,
Romanian subtitles in Kodi were hard to find, but now, I've made not one, but 4 add-ons that covers all major Romanian sites providing subtitles.
You can find all, and also other plugins, in my repo.

Direct github repo link v1.0.4

Direct github links for subtitles services: latest version 1.1.6
1.1.6 changelog
Manual search for season and episode, eg: house s01e03 returns correct season and episode
1.1.5 changelog
Fix manual search, improved search by filename, small fixes
1.1.2 changelog
No longer mandatory username and password, thank you RegieLive team for providing api
1.1.1 changelog:
Improved search results
1.0.9 changelog:
Mandatory username and password latest version 1.1.1 latest version 1.0.7 latest version 1.0.7

Enjoy it!
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