rpi2 + wed-dl video


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Jan 5, 2016
rpi2 + web-dl video

Last night I tried a web-dl stream (W Dead, s06e01 via Al*uc) and there was no picture or sound just a rotating graphic onscreen. I'm checking to see if the rpi2 can play this type in case I'm missing something. I'm running openelec noobs 5.0.8 on the pi with 252gb gpu split. From what I've seen the split should be 526 but according to openelec rpi config mine is 252 and can only be set higher or lower.

FWIW - After trying something a while ago with rpi config addon I set it back to defaults and noticed the gpu split dropped to 60. Raisng it close as poss to 256 enabled it to play hd video but the wed-dl type will not play. I've have not tried via furk just yet but debrid sources.
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