RTMP Input


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Feb 11, 2018
Hope I'm posting this in the right area...

I'm a fan of builds, and have a couple that I enjoy....I'm also a big fan of the Earthcam addon that TVAddons supplies

However, as of late there have been two builds I've been using and for whatever reason the developer has removed RTMP Input from the Videostream option, therefore not allowing me to view Earthcam as it requires that addon

I tried to install via the Github downloader that was released recently by TVAddons but had no success in getting anthying to install

Does anyone have any options for ways I can find it hidden within a build, or to be able to add it in to the build, without having to go back to scratch with Kodi


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Nov 21, 2012
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Sorry we do not support builds nor do we recommend any. The only build we recommend is the one you create yourself for the reasons you have stated. Builds are typically bloated and have crap added to them or valid items removes as you can see. Best recommendation is to get rid of those crappy builds and start fresh or contact the person who created your build and ask him.

Sorry but there is no way for us to know everything about every builds ever made.