same addon on 2 devices perform differently


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Feb 19, 2014
device 1. quad core android tablet (kitkat) on w-fi
device 2, dual core mini pc on linux (lubuntu ) with ethernet connection.

broadband,upto 200Mb fibre

same version of kodi on both devices

accessing the same live stream on Pho*nix.

performs fautlessly on the tablet but buffers on the pc.

What do you think the cause might be ?
Hardware limitations ?
O/S ?


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Sep 24, 2015
idk. I'm tech dumb even though my career is online marketing. Hardware baffles me. I bought an MXIII from gearbest and it works pretty good for $45. We also have it on a windows 8 2012 laptop. We noticed things loaded slightly faster.

So I got the bright idea of researching all I could about these boxes and decided to try a HP Pavillion mini desk stream with added RAM and a new AC wifi upgrade. I think I had over $400 into it. I wanted everything as seamless as could be.

The HP couldn't make it thru a movie without filling cache and/or buffering all the time. I probably put 15 hours into that stupid box lol. And all the time I had the simple plug and play android box with remote that gave me no headaches.