Search box constantly popping up


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Apr 22, 2014
Sparks, NV
Running KODI 15.1 (Isengard) on HP AMD8 6GB mem - Win 7 - Charter Spectrum 60mbps ethernet

In all addons (i-Stream, SA*TS, Genesis, etc.) the search box constantly pops up when I haven't requested it. Very annoying.
Most often when I'm trying to select the 3rd or 4th link to watch a movie or TV show. Sometimes even during the show. Displays the same links it just found. Can't cancel it because it either won't cancel or will and displays a blank screen.

Can't seem to find any settings for that in system or individual addons.
H E L P !

Frustrated in Sparks (NV)


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Aug 24, 2013
Not sure whats happening. SA*TS and genesis dont or wont cause that
The other you mentioned isnt supported here and I dont know what it does or is doing. it might even be something with that.
That other one is covered under the What is the *** link in my signature. you might want to give that a quick read for more info.
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