Search Keyboard no letters, numbers or symbols


Dec 23, 2012
Near Kennedy Space Center
When I started SPMC 14.1 today but when it started the home screen had changed from the blue/purple/white KODI screen back to the older XBMC screen with blue/white colors and bubbles. System version says I am running the KODI 14.1 version though. When trying to search for something using the virtual keyboard none of the letters, numbers or symbols are populated in the grid. Done, Shift, Symbol, buttons etc are still available around the sides and bottom but that is all. I tried using my WiFi keyboard, that has always worked to try and put something in the search box but still no joy. Could I have accidentally changed a setting somehow. I am using Expert mode but I have not had a problem using that setting in long time.

Update: Solved found on the Kodi Wiki that not all skins have been updated to work with Kodi. Confluence 7 icon is one.
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