send to xbmc plugins/addons/apps etc


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May 30, 2012
Also posted this on xbmc forums::

I love the feature of using outside programs to send links to xbmc and would like this to be explored more.

Currently I use
Play to xbmc in chrome
Tube To TV in chrome
and yatse on android

I would love there to be a web plugin that can send any flash video(or at least attempt to) to xbmc. Currently all of the web browser (chrome/firefox) plugins that ive found only do youtube.

has anyone come across what im looking for? It would have to try to find the correct url and then send it to xbmc. This way you could go to a website the we have xbmc addons for and remote send the link. Sometimes its easier to use the website if your at the comp already.


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Mar 16, 2012
Ajay's play it service is what I use. He recently integrated urlresolver so it'll play anything urlresolver can handle. It's pretty smooth.