Setting path for downloads to external drive


New member
Jun 7, 2012
Hi, have recently added a external hard drive to my Bthub3 router so i can see it on my network, I have also added it as a source in file manager on XBMC! I have 2 queries that I need some help with, firstly I can copy files across from XBMC to external drive in file manager but however it is a bit hit and miss as a lot of the time it fails on the transfer and then locks me out of the external drive. If I restart XBMC I can access it again and it will usually copy ok!
Secondly, has anyone worked out a way to add an external drive as a direct download path in an addon yet as this would be extremely useful.. Sorry if this is a bit long winded but would be grateful of some advice.

Cheers Swiftrod