Setup an nfs share on windows (free)


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Jun 20, 2018
so I found a real nice writeup over on the forums, thought I'd share with ya'll since I've been having issues with git browser and I've basically given up on it for the time being, instead i simply throw the zips I want off github into my nfs share folder (it'll make sense when you read the write up) and install from there.

here's the link!

if you need to find the ip for your computer,
-search cmd.exe and open
-type ipconfig and it will be under ip4 address!

good luck!

Edit: You're very welcome Rav! Trying to help however I can, as I'm trying to keep this alive as I am absolutely LOVING the xbox integration, gone are the days of hooking up my laptop to the tv, or needing another device! Hopefully I can pick up on uwp development a bit more as I delve into dev mode on this thing with my dev env on this craptop so I can help out even more.
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