Should I buy a OUYA?


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Jun 10, 2014
I use a fire tv in the bedroom, an rpi in the living room, and a htpc in the basement/workout area. Tonight I saw a Ouya at target for 80 bucks. That's the best deal I've seen on a new one so far. I'm definetly intrigued. I've kind of wanted one for awhile and when I sold atv2 it lost out to the fire tv (barely). I don't regret it but there's something really cool about that box.
So tonight as I pondered it I shopped around. Bestbuy didn't have the console but they had the Ouya controller for $17.99 (again, the lowest I've seen, but...)
My fire tv is rooted. It's also great for xbmc and the gaming is decent for what it is. I believe I can get the Ouya store on my fire tv and a Ouya controller would work with it. So you see what I'm thinking? Is it worth me paying 80 bucks or should I just pay 17.99 and get a Ouya-like experience without the cool looking box? And I do like the look, but I'm not really a collector.
Am I missing anything? It'd be great to get input from people who own a fire tv and a Ouya. But of course any info is welcomed. To put it more clearly--If the fire tv and the Ouya boxes looked identical, is there anything on the TV screen that's going to stand out? Something that would make it worth the 80 bucks? Thanks


Jun 2, 2013
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Ouya is a fantastic product. I used mine yesterday just because it was there. Video output not as clear as Mali 450 but still an all around fun unit to own and use. I can't say enough about it. Yes get one and retire that fire tv thing already, lol.


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Dec 23, 2011
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I would get the OUYA:

1) the FireTV will always be working to lock out your access. The OUYA is designed purposely to be rootable FOR LIFE.

2) installing apps is much easier on OUYA (and other android devices) than it is on the Firetv.

3) OUYA game controller is, again in my opinion, on par with the Amazon Controller. The experience on either device is NOT driven by the controllers but in the difference of the OS.

4) depends on what you want to do in regard to peripherals. OUYA will work with things like LightPack while Amazon's FireTV will not...does not. This issue will compound depending on what you want to hook up.

5) when it comes to kodi (or XBMC) I am a firm believer in "don't fix what isn't broken." If your current set up is working for you in every way....I would keep it. If you want to expand to add gaming to the living room you could move around some gear.

6) I haven't yet tried the Mali octocore boxes and can't speak to the clarity statements. I do know that 4k won't look like 4k unless you own a 4k display (keep that in mind). I AM NOT SAYING TheLion WAS IMPLYING THAT...just wanted to point this out for folks.
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