Skin with addon support


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Oct 6, 2015
Hi all,

Since shortly I started to use Ex**us as my goto addon, but I am used to use Library integration. Which Ex**us doesn't support.

I found a work around with the Titan Skin, where you can set widgets to Add-ons directory listing, this way I was able to get my data from Trakt in Ex**us on my homescreen with - Next to watch TV shows, featured Movies, etc etc.

Now Titan is a wonderful skin in my opinion, though I am using the Raspberry Pi which makes Titan a bit slow.

Does anybody know an different skin whom provide the similar with widgets on home screen? So that I don't have to access the addon every time?


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Mar 18, 2015
I played with Titan too and liked it but I found out was slow too on my Intel celeron nuc PC. I went back to Arctic zephyr...

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