Slamious Wizard Fresh Install Slow


New member
Oct 21, 2016

Posting in the hope someone may know the answer or be experiencing the same problem as me.

I use Kodi (Leia build) on my FireStick. General download speeds and playback are perfectly fine. I have Slamious Wizard installed however and whenever I need to do a Fresh Install, the download speed is really slow and takes ages - does anyone know a reason for this/how to fix it?

As an example, when I 1st installed the Slamious Wizard, the initial download file of approx. 274MB downloaded pretty quickly and was a true representation of my internet speed...when doing some latest fresh installs, the same size file is taking nearly an hour and downloading at a speed of only 97 KB/s - when I’ve completed a speed test, my home internet still shows download and upload speeds in excess of 180 MB/s and other downloads are fine.
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