Slower download speeds with Frodo?


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May 7, 2012
Well, this is a weird issue. I've clean installed XBMC 12.0 Frodo on 4 Apple TV 2 that were previously on Eden. Loving Frodo so far, the new features are great and everything, but I've noticed one strange issue: Everything that I try to download within XBMC (repos, addons, metadata, skins) takes significantly longer on Frodo than on Eden. I've downloaded the same skin I was using on Eden, and took way longer than as I remembered took on Eden. As there's no way of measuring download speeds on XBMC, I went and installed a fanart metapack for Ic*f*lms addon to figure out the download speed. There's when I realized that on Eden I could download the same metapack at, for example 500kb/sec, and on Frodo it was way lower at 200kb/sec. I'm very sure it's not my ISP, so I tested it on two different Apple TVs 2, one with Eden and the other with Frodo, and this issue was perfectly evident.

Anyone else have noticed this issue? Is this a 'normal' and new behavior on Frodo? or could this be related exclusively to Apple TV and Frodo?

Any comments would be much appreciated


ps. I made this same post in xbmc official forums and no response so far
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