Someone Has to be First :) : Whatch Got and/or Whatcha Want


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May 7, 2012
Greetings all.

Being an Audio / Video Buff (budget restricted as are a lot of us). I am hoping to kick of a disscussion of what type of systems you have and/or what you would want if you replace it. Being that its about time to retire my system to one of the spare rooms and make a fresh start, I will kick this off with what I have and hopfully seed the post with some nice things to look at from other posts as potiental replacments.

Video: Olevia 37in LCD (10yr old) Just keeps on tickin like a timex, but not as brilliant as todays LCD, who wants LCD now anyway?

Audio: Onkyo TXDS-777 (Maybe only 5.1, but still ROCKS with plenty of power) Best "Reciever" I ever owned. If I remeber correctly it has Burr Brown
DA converters. 15 years old now and running strong. I think they still build it in a 9 channel version that is networkable.

Speakers :paradigim
Moniter 9 infront with lower drivers driven by sub channel
CC350 Center
ADP-350 Surr

HTPC: Dedicated Windows based Quad core / 12tb tower 450 series videocard. (Now that I have this HTPC thing working, this will move to a server soon).

What I want,

Bigger Viewing Screen (around 55in LCD) : Been looking at Vizeo Products mainly because of price. Dont need all the fluff they try to sell you today, just need a monitor thanks to all the wonderful XBMC ppl :cool

More accurate sound (going with amp/preamp system) Looking at Carver Sunfire or (Used of course, new is out of my league for now) or ???????

I am happy with the Speakers for now and looking at in wall/ceiling for other rooms anyway.

Thanks for the time to read, and please post! Want to hear about other setups. pro's con's