Specific Link Crashes XBMC/ATV2


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Sep 19, 2012
Hello Guys,

Can someone please take a look at this and find out why this particular link crashes (freezes my atv2 for abt 2, then I believe reboots it (goes back to main screen)? It was working fine a couple of days ago, but this morning it started doing this....I've also included the xbmc log file and crash reports, although the xbmc log is post the crash so I'm not sure it captures the event.. . Thank You!

xbmc log: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=10928

I have this single link on an xml file loaded on LiveStreams..it worked snd continues to work fine on XBMC windows BUT, as I've mentioned, the same file worked all day yesterday on my ATV2 and today it crashes (freezes for a min or 2, then reboots ATV2)!!!!!

<title>Abu Dhabi Drama</title>
<link>rtmp://www.teledunet.com:1935/teledunet/abu_dhabi_drama swfUrl=http://www.teledunet.com/tv/player.swf?id0=1350360277&repeat=single&streamer=rtmp%3A//www.teledunet.com%3A1935/teledunet&file=abu_dhabi_drama&provider=rtmp&autostart=true pageUrl=http://www.teledunet.com/tv/?teledunet&no_pub swfVfy=true live=true</link>

I've posted 2 crashreport files...and the reason is because I've run a few more tests (all resulting in a freeze and reboot), hopefully, you'll find references to the crash in all of them...Note ONLY the above link is causing the crash, you can actually try it on your end and see if you can reproduce it...just create a test xml with the link inside, load it and try to run it via LiveStreams...

It is also worth noting that the same link is working fine on xbmc Windows and was working fine on atv2 all day yesterday!!! I'm starting to think that owner of http://www.teleldunet.com has injected some stream onto my atv2 to cause it not to work...I know it's crazy, but I have no idea why it stopped working all of the sudden in ATV2 only!!!! please try it on your end and keep it for a coupe of days or so...and see if u can reproduce it please....it's driving me nuts...

Thank you for looking into it Guys/Gals...