Starting Over At the Beginning


New member
May 21, 2017
Kingston ON Canada
I've been enjoying Kodi on my home computer for almost 6 months with very few problems and even those were temporary. All of a sudden, lately, I started getting kicked off streams or having difficulty connecting in the first place. Given that you have switched to GitHub and that you recently suggested going to Factory Restore and re-installing things through GitHub, I decided to give that a try. Despite following the instructions in the article, I found that my Kodi did not factory restore and all my previous add-ons were still there, even after restarting. I did this three times before giving up and deleting Kodi altogether. Now I am downloading a fresh version 17.6 and hope to build again so that I have fewer problems. I look forward to reading the forums to see if others had this difficulty and how they solved the problem. Thanks!