Streams not starting


New member
Sep 23, 2018
Hello everyone and thank's in advance for any help you can give.
The problem I'm facing is that most of the streams can't resolve in the different addons I've tried (Mainly ******, Y*da & ********).
What I do is:
1. Enter ******
2. Go to Movies>People Watching> Chose any movie
3. Wait for the source to load
4. Chose any source
The expected output: is for the stream to start
The actual Output: it tries to open another source, sometimes 2-4 sources, and when it finally tries to open one it looks like it is going to starts but it returns to the source lists.

Here is my log link:

Additional info:
I've been searching around what could fix my problem but noting seems to work, I felt the problem was my ISP so I got IPVanish but the streams don't seem to start, I'm testing it on amazon firestick and on W10 but nothing seems to work.:confused: