Suddenly Firestick wireless slow using Kodi video add-ons. Been fine for a year


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Jun 12, 2018
Suddenly Firestick wireless slow using Kodi video add-ons. Been fine for a year

This is a strange one.
I have 2 firesticks. One ethernet wired with the great Ugreen connector and one wireless. Been working great for over a year.
A Time warner modem/router with wireless and a Netgear R8000 as access point.

****Within last 2 days Kodi with ******** and Nep**ne R**ing only on the wireless firestick it is quite slow to load content--selecting a show or favorite, etc... (ON WIRELESS STICK ONLY)

So I tried 4 different SSID's (2 modems, one access point) that I have and all bands are clear without traffic. Verified wireless speed is great with Speedtest via laptop and Samsung cell phone. All good.

So I swapped Firesticks and put it on a different tv to ensure it was not a firestick device problem. I tried all wireless SSID's. Tried different locations since they are 2 TV's.

***Again if I set either firestick to wireless regardless of location in house, ******** or Neptune is very very slow in bringing up content.
Wired continues to work fine.

Had this setup for over a year and all was well.
Just last 2 days something is hinky.
I think I proved the issue with 2 firesticks and wireless appears to show it is not the firestick.
Checking with speedtest and laptop on all SSID's seems to show it is not network.

Both firesticks configured via ADBLINK are the same, caches cleared and so on....

Have rebooted both routers. Time is correct on routers. Not worth doing a complete hard reset since I can repeat this issue on 2 different routers..

So wireless to firestick is slow...******wonder if there was perhaps a firestick update that may have caused this since it only affects wireless firestick connection..

Thoughts? Appreciate any advice.

Thanks so very much for your time.