Super tech update required


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Sep 11, 2018
I have 2 boxes both have 17.6 on them both say update required for tech tools go to tv app store i do the update and it say it did it i but when i go back to the store it still says to update?
I must be doing something wrong .
The funny thing is they seem to work okay ,i had just BMUB build on both of them.
Also when i went to the tv app store both aptoide tv and android launcher need updating which i tryed and same result.
Any help will be appreciated.


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Nov 21, 2012
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Sorry, I am not familiar with Tech Tools. Is that part of Kodi or an update for Android? I am also not sure what BMUD build it. If it is a Kodi build, not much we can do here. You should contact the maker of the build. Everyone creating a build tend to put their own twist on it and we can't start to study each and every build that exist.
Aptoide and Launcher also have nothing to do with Kodi. Sorry I can't be of any help here.